City of Dreams: Manila


No, unlike what I had initially thought it was too, this is not a movie. 🙂 Although, I seriously think, it would make a fantastic movie title! 

city of dreams I’ve only been to Manila once and not even to visit but because of an unfortunate “left-by-the-connecting-flight-back-to-Cebu” moment. (Ofcourse, that is a different story..hehe…but I would totally blame it on the pregnancy and whole baby brain thing!) But if BIG TIME Hollywood actors like Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert De Niro and Director Martin Scorsese are apparently going there for the City of Dreams Hotel/Casino/Resort experience, who wouldn’t want to go there too, right? If the endorsements are priced this much, the place must be so worth all the time and effort to visit it, I guess. For sure, I couldn’t afford a room, possible only a bottle of mineral water (and I might even be wrong on that too) in such a luxurious place but if stepping into and just taking pictures inside is free, I most definitely would make this place a go-to if I ever go back to Manila – this time for some real sightseeing! 🙂

Here is the mini movie for your viewing pleasure:

I’ve played it multiple times now as I’ve shared it on FB as well and it just makes me so excited…who wouldn’t be excited with Leonardo and De Niro, right? (And no, not in that sense, believe me…this is all wholesome stuff, I promise!) The place is opening this February 2015 before the celebration of the Chinese New Year so if you’re ever looking to visit Manila soon, make sure you have this on your checklist as well! After all, it’s always more fun in the Philippines! 🙂 fun

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CPDRC Dancing Inmates: another reason to visit the beautiful island of Cebu, Philippines


Have never been to Cebu and looking for a reason to do so or have been to Cebu and just itching to come back, check our internationally-known and a definite must-see Cebu Dancing Inmates.

Enjoy their video of Michael Jackson’s They don’t really care about us:

And please don’t let me stop you from viewing all other videos by them that show up after this video ends, they are great after all! 🙂

In Cebu is the best living example that “stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.” In fact, they’ve probably even reached farther and wider than any regular person not behind bars!

Come check them out personally soon though as everything is always better in person! (Ofcourse by seeing them in person, I meant as a spectator and not as another inmate…)


bugs bunny

P.S. By the way, need I mention this place is just a minute away from the our house now available for backpackers and renters!? I guess dancing your way all the way to freedom is better than beating rocks during an entire jail sentence…Sure takes all the boredom away, ey?!

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Why the Sinulog rocks!

                          THE FESTIVAL


                            THE SIGHTS AND SOUNDS 






                                 THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF CEBU



Viva Pit Senyor! 

Here is the official Sinulog page for more details on activities and schedules:

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